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Shear Sharpening

 Professional scissor and shear sharpening for the beauty and barber industry by an expert.Scissors are not ground! They are honed on a diamond wheel and polished to a high luster.Tools of the trade for beauticians, barbers, groomers and upholsters are very expense. Therefore, it is imperative to have then serviced by a professional who will give you maximum results.

Your professional hair shears will be restored to "LIKE NEW" condition and optimum cutting performance by hand.

For Tips on Shears & Scissors

Q. Do you sharpen thinners and texturizing shears?
A. Yes, I sharpen all makes and models of shears, scissors, thinners or texturizers.

Q. Do you sharpen knives?
A. Yes, I sharpen all types of knives with the exception of serrated.

Q. Do you sharpen nippers and nail scissors?
A. No--I specialize in only beauty, barber and grooming shears.

Q. Why do my shears fold hair over?
A. There are two main reasons for this. The first is they have a nick in one or both of the blades from dropping or from cutting dirty hair. The second reason is they have lost their tension and are too loose.

Q. How long will it take for my shears to be sharpened and returned to me?
A. All shears will be sharpened and returned within 24-48 hours after received.

Q. How do I package my shears for shipping?
A. Take a rubber band and wrap the shear blades tightly with bubble warp or newspaper. The shears should be placed in a padded bag or a small box. If placing in a box, wrap each shear individually in paper and fill any excess space with shedded paper.

Q. Will you clean and lubricate my shears?
A. All shears are cleaned, lubricated and polished before leaving the shop.

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