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Clipper Repair   Clipper Payment Click Here

It's time to tune up your Clippers.

Small (A-5, A-2, Dog, human) clippers labor $30.00 for shop labor plus parts and shipping.
Large (horse, cow,ect..) clippers labor $35.00 for shop labor plus parts and shipping.

Estimates can be given upon request before repairs are made. An estimates will cost $30.00 for small clippers and $35.00 for large clipper, which will be deducted form the final repair bill. If the customer decides not to repair clipper and wants them shipped back shipping will also be added.

The clippers will be cleaned, Serviced and get a maintence check. We also test all clippers for accuracy before they are ship back. Clipper repair could take up to 3 weeks for return.

If you have any questions Please E-mail them to

Some of the clippers we Repair

 Here are just a few


Clipper, Andis AG2 Super 2-Speed
Clipper, Andis AGC Single-Speed
Clipper, Andis AGC2 2-Speed
Clipper, Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed
Clipper, Andis AGC2 Super 2-Speed
Clipper, Andis Cord/Cordless Horse
Clipper, Andis Cord/Cordless Pet
Clipper, Andis MC-2 Adjustable Blade Ear Trimmer
Clipper, Andis MC-2 Pet Trimmer Kit
Clipper, Andis MBG Pro Animal Kit
Clipper, Andis Groom Clipper EQ
Clipper, Andis D-4 Rechargeable Horse Trimmer


Golden A5, 1-Speed Universal Motor
Golden A5, 2-Speed Universal Motor
Groom-Master Universal Motor
Turbo A5, 1-Speed Universal Motor
Turbo A5, 2-Speed Universal Motor


Wahl 9633 clipper

Wahl 8110 balding clipper

Wahl 8355 Designer clipper

Wahl 8400 Super taper clipper

Wahl 8472-700 Taper 2000 clipper

Wahl 8500 Senior clipper

Wahl 8647 Home hair kit

Wahl 8743 Contour clipper

Wahl 8040 AC trimmer

Wahl 8685 Peanut trimmer

Wahl 8900-500 Cordless trimmer


Clippers are fully disassembled and cleaned when serviced. All parts are checked and worn parts are replaced.


There are no Refunds for our services, if for some reason you are not happy with Sharpening or Repairs we will be happy to re-check/re-do the Service for you. You will have to pay for shipping back to us. No Exceptions.

We ship back USPS only.


Blade Sharpening Service
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Cornersville TN 37047
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