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 Price list

Clipper Blade Sharpening  


A-5 Oster or small $6.00
Wahl or Andis       $6.00 

Clip Master large    $7.00                               
Socket                  $5.00                                                                   

Tension Spring           $4.00

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 Clipper Repair

Small clipper $30.00 labor plus parts & shipping
Large clipper $35.00 labor plus parts & shipping

Estimates can be given upon request before repairs are made. An estimates will cost $30.00 for small clippers and $35.00 for large clipper, which will be deducted form the final repair bill. If the customer decides not to repair clipper and wants them shipped back shipping will also be added.
It may take up to 2 to 3 weeks for Repair Return.

Household $9.00
Fabric/Pinking $9.00
Upholstery $9.00

Sewing $9.00
Beautician/barber $20.00
Pet Grooming $12.00
Vet (Surgical) $10.00
Goat Trimmers $8.00

Shipping & handling is $10.00
If sending Clippers with Blades Return Shipping & Handling $15.00

Insurance Coverage is extra go to Payment method for Details...

  Blade Sharpening Service
824 Major Rd
Cornersville TN 37047
9am to 3:30pm
Central Time

We will send an PayPal invoice after Order is finish. You can then pay online.

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